Do you want to know how to quit drinkingThe medical term for someone who is dependent on alcohol is alcoholic. Alcoholism itself can be defined as the inability to control how much alcohol is consumed at any given time. Alcohol abuse is not necessarily alcoholism but alcohol can be considered to be abused when there are unhealthy drinking habits such as drinking too much in one sitting or drinking to excess daily. The person who continues to abuse alcohol is at risk of becoming dependent upon it which can affect nearly every aspect of the abusers life. Addiction to alcohol is no less dangerous than any other addiction simply because the person who is addicted often feels that they must have alcohol to make their life worthwhile. Obviously dependency is extremely unhealthy, both mentally and physically, and is very difficult to overcome.

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Alcohol can just not kill you physically, it can cause severe damage to your lifestyle. If you have been an average man with a good family and a good job and then succumb to alcohol addiction, it can have a devastating effect on you and your family. As an alcoholic you can do depraving things under the effect of alcohol that you would later regret for the entire lifetime. Not only will you suffer from depression and anxiety, you are bound to spread that effect on your entire family.

Alcoholics are always at the risk of contracting several other medical conditions like lung or liver cancer, heart disorders and brain and nerve damage. Alcoholics are also more likely to pick up habits like cigarette smoking and drugs. In fact, according to certain statistics, alcoholics are more likely to die 15 years earlier than the others because of such conditions. And one must not forget that a large number of accidents can be attributed to drunken driving.

If you are addicted to alcohol and want to end it, you should consider the following tips:

  • Exercise your Willpower. Self-discipline is all you need in order to succeed. Without the ability to resist temptation, how are you supposed to find out how to quit drinking alcohol? It all starts with you declaring that you want to stop it. Most people are aware of the bad effects and consequences drinking can lead to, and yet they continue their bad habits. You are an informed person and you know what drinking does to you and your body. Make sure you make the right choice.
  • You must change your playmates and playgrounds. Hang out with people who aren’t going to influence your old destructive behaviors.
  • You can’t quit for anyone else but yourself. No amount of pressure from family, friends, or law enforcement will have any lasting effect if you don’t stay sober for yourself and nobody else.
  • You must recognize that your body cannot tolerate alcohol. Treat it like you would a serious allergy because that is basically what it is. The idea that you can drink casually needs to be buried!
  • Start Slowly. Everybody will have a difficult time adjusting to a sudden major change. If you were seriously addicted to alcohol and had it every single day, try reducing the number of drinks you consume day by day. You could also try drinking lighter drinks to ease your way to your new and alcohol-free lifestyle. Little by little, you will be able to train yourself to wake up every morning and go through an entire day without even wanting to have a drink.
  • Take on a new hobby. Fill in the gaps in your time left by the disappearance of drinking. If you used it as a stress reliever, try to get into yoga or practice meditation. Just make sure that you get into something you love and something you enjoy doing.

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